Talents Sourcing and Headhunting


You need the best people in key positions to drive your organization forwards, especially in today’s competitive markets. With our global network of professional recruiters and extensive candidate database we are well placed to identify and negotiate with the exceptional people you need.

Covering recruitment at every level, we identify and liaise with key talent on your behalf, enabling negotiations and supporting the recruitment process to deliver the outcomes all stakeholders are looking for.


Candidate Screening


Making the right hiring decisions is more important than ever, and that begins with a screening process that helps you identify the talent you are looking for quickly and effectively. Whether you are looking for a single key hire or expanding a team significantly, we are here to help.

We know that your needs are unique, which is why we craft bespoke criteria for each client to ensure screening delivers the candidates you are looking for. Leverage our expertise and market reach to screen your candidates and save time, leaving your HR team to focus on internal challenges.


Candidate Interviewing


The interview process is key in achieving your recruitment aims. Being able to assess and understand candidates requires experience, especially for higher level recruitment, something not every organization has internally. Our experienced team have been involved in extensive recruitment processes across the world and know how to deliver the interview process needed to find your perfect candidate.

With our team handling interviews, your leadership are freed from the lengthy process and able to focus on business growth. We provide a full review of each candidate along with recommendations for recruitment outcomes, while maintaining the full support you need to make informed recruitment choices.

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Candidate Assessment and Evaluations


Successful recruitment requires more than a checkbox of required skills today. It is about people and relationships, finding not just the desired skillset, but the personality and values that blend with the business and existing team. However, while it is easy to assess skills, understanding people can be more challenging.

Our assessment and evaluation service helps you identify the right people, with an experienced team who will carry out bespoke assessments based on your criteria that generate a comprehensive, actionable report that allows for accurate and informed recruitment decisions.

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Candidate reference Checks


In an increasingly global recruitment market, acquiring feedback from references can become increasingly time consuming for your team. Save time and money through our dedicated service, where our team will check references for any candidate or candidates you select, quickly and efficiently.

There are two core elements in a reference check, the first is employment verification, confirming the employment record itself, and the second is the relevant commentary about the individual. We cover both, along with gap checks and more, with full CV verification for your peace of mind. This comprehensive service provides a more detailed approach, giving deeper insight and helping to avoid potential recruitment problems.

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Senior Executive Recruitment


We provide a discreet, highly effective solution for C-level professionals across multiple sectors. With extensive contacts worldwide, as a leading recruitment agency we are well placed to identify, attract and recruit the key talent that your business needs.

Targeted, transparent and effective, our approach to senior recruitment is tailored to your unique needs. We work with you to understand your precise expectations and take the appropriate measures to deliver the right candidates through a proven recruitment process and careful evaluation.

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Employee Retention Planning


Recruiting the best talent is crucial to your long-term success, but just as important is keeping talent you already have. Our team work with your HR department to develop bespoke employee retention strategies that deliver compelling engagement for your team and focus on reducing any retention challenges you are experiencing.

Using advanced analytics to fully understand your organization, including how and where work is being done, we are able to better engage with issues and build an inclusive culture that employees feel valued within. From training and growth opportunities to acknowledgement of work done, we craft appropriate solutions that address the unique needs of your team.


Geographical Focus


Today, your business is global, and to compete you need the best talent available from around the world. With vast experience of recruitment across all continents, we are a team that can bring the benefits of extensive local insight coupled with the reach of a global campaign.

Our extensive database of quality candidates covers most industries and markets, while they, along with our clients, cover a broad range of countries. While we operate in a global recruitment market, we have particular focus on:

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The Gulf Emirates

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